Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ego Getting In Way of Healing

I've been writing down EVERY single thing I eat in a day, which usually means I'm too focused on my diet. When I start counting days raw, and try too hard to be perfect, I will usually derail from raw foods path.

I try to remember that its not about days, it's about good habits. I don't need to bother myself with planning or counting, with analyzing and over thinking. I want to be raw so badly, cause I want to be cured of my chronic fatigue! Maybe I'm putting on too much pressure.

Ever notice how if you chase after something, it eludes you?

When I just enjoy my day and put my energy into other things, I just naturally take good care of my body. I just make a green smoothie when my body needs food. I can listen to the body and not let the mind (ego) get in the way.

We spend so much of our lives chasing after happiness by seeking what the ego believes will bring pleasure. We listen to what it wants and spend most of our energy trying to obtain it. What's funny is, even if we do get what we want, the "happiness" fades rapidly. We get a high, only to crash later and left with feelings of emptiness.

So where do we find genuine contentment?

I think if we extend ourselves to help others, we feel full and satisfied all the while and after. Here's my analogy: like eating a sugar cookie, versus a filling homemade soup. The sugar cookie is calling my name and sounds so tempting. I cave in and eat the whole pack, then feel sick, guilty and end up with more cravings. A bowl of soup, on the other hand, sounds less desirable. I have to spend the time making it, but it will keep me full longer and give my body the nourishment it needs.

Being successful on the raw diet for me means recognizing the ego. The ego is that little voice in your head that says "green smoothies aren't enough, you need more, more, more... you need brownies!" It basically wants what it can't have.

My goal is to start noticing more when my mind is playing around with the idea of eating the "illegal," and start fantasizing about kiwi. As well as, turning it all outward. Look for ways to help out others. That could be like a hobby. Stop thinking about yourself and start think about others!

When you have a peaceful state of mind, things just fall into place. And to have a peaceful state of mind, shrink the ego. To shrink the ego, ignore it and try listen to other's needs.

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