Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hyperthyroid and Still Not Being Raw

I'm having a hard time pushing through the low-fat raw diet side effects. I was 100% raw yesterday, and ended up having a horrible nights sleep. I know that I feel more restless, irritable, anxious, tense, and have sleeping problems on 811. It's also incredibly frustrating to have to eat 4,000 calories of fruit and not to mention, economically impossible at this point.

But, I think if I could just stick with it, for those 3 months, I would find things vastly improving.

I know I have CFS, candida, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia and some sort of thyroid problem. I used to think I was hypo, but I just realized it's most likely HYPER.

Some symptoms of HYPERthyroidism:
"There is a wide range of signs and symptoms including weight loss with increased appetite, anxiety, tiredness, sleep disturbances, muscle weakness, intolerance to heat, tremors, muscle weakness, enlarged thyroid (Goiter), a bulging of one or both of your eyes, vision problems, diarrhea, faster heart rate and shortness of breath. Women may experience decreased menstrual flow and irregular cycles."

I have all the symptoms but a goiter, and it would explain why I always need to eat, but never gain any weight. I don't know if I could get chubby if I wanted to. I'll go to the free clinic tomorrow so I can get my blood drawn and set up a dental appt.

One of the most important things you can do for your thyroid is improve your immune system. 811/raw heals the immune system for sure. But it's also extremely important that I stay calm and peaceful.

Also, foods that suppress the thyroid that I love to eat are:
I will up these while eating raw!

Today I ended up choosing rice and lentils, just to feel more relaxed. I do want to do 811, I'm just a little fragile right now, and I'm missing my man, so sleep is hard enough as is. : /

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  1. lot's of bananas...
    i buy them by the case sometimes 2 cases a week and i buy the "old" spotty ones that theyre going to otherwise throw out. sometims a little fermented but at 10 bucks for 40 lbs who cares. organic or not. who cares? it's better than eating cookled food. do what you can and make it work to the best of your ability and don't worrie if it's not perfect 80/10/10. I sure as heck am not perfect with the diet and suspect it will be a long time until I am. It's expensive. I spend nearly 400 a month on this and struggle. but it will come. I've been 80/10/10 for about 6 months or so so I am slowly getting better at it. I know it will come. I am alos re-looking at this and where I live etc... I work with kids. i.e. i get paid shit so i buy the non-organic stuff sometimes as long as it doesnt have wax etc... and it's still better for me than cooked food. and for the environment.