Thursday, December 10, 2009

Copper Toxicity- Adrenal/Thyroid Imbalances

I've never thought about zinc/copper ratios until yesterday, until I came across an article. This seems like it could be a huge discovery in my healing journey, HUGE.

Here are some articles I've been reading:

While reading about the thyroid yesterday, I was amazed to learn how great a role copper and zinc levels play in hormone production. Evidently it's relatively easy and not all that uncommon to become low in zinc, while rising high in copper (to an almost toxic level), especially if you suffer from adrenal fatigue and thyroid imbalances.

I suspect that I have high-toxic levels of copper/low zinc, as a result of stress. I want to get tested for all my mineral levels, but until then, I think it's a good idea to supplement my diet with zinc (probably along with calcium and magnesium) and try to avoid high copper foods. I also plan on using a tanning bed 1-2x this Winter (i know, I know) to get vitamin D, keeping my stress low (to avoid more copper build up).

This whole thing is new to me and I can't be certain it's what is wrong, but my insticts tell me I'm on the right path. If my copper levels are high, lowering them can help my anxiety, insomnia, depression and hypoglycemia.. that will in turn help me sleep well, stay calmer and eat better... all of which helps my adrenals and my overall health.

This is what happens when you're positive and patient. Yesterday I envisioned myself being healthy and getting even healthier... when you stay positive and peaceful, you are able to see more solutions. When you think of what you want, and BELIEVE it will happen, you automatically move towards it. (call it the Law of Attraction if you wish)



  1. After having my first son 13 months ago, I was feeling very sluggish and had a difficult time recovering from my pregnancy. I am taking desiccated porcine tablets for months now and I really love it. It increases my energy and I can sleep better.

  2. Hi, im thinking on my teeth. I saw that you post on 30baDay .. Actually im also somehow thinking my thyriod is so essentiell i have to give it more love.

    why i ever had problems quieting animal products cause they relief the teeth pain. at the moment i get teeth pain when eating fruit and some kinds of dates. maybe the fruit is unripe. actually the banana was pretty ripe.

    i just wanna keep my teeht. i:) and spread joy. also i love to be with animals. and this is good possible on a high pamnt based diet. emil(AT)